MP praises party's new jobs recovery blueprint

A positive economic package, proposed by the Scottish Conservatives, could help boost prospects for Dumfries and Galloway moving forward.

That was the view of constituency MP Alister Jack who praised the party's 'Power Up Scotland' jobs strategy launched by new leader north of the border Douglas Ross on Monday.

The Scottish Secretary stated the series of policies clearly addressed key areas such as jobs, business, education, town centres, transport infrastructure and rural growth which required urgent attention.

Mr Jack said: "All these policy areas will strike a chord with my constituents from Dumfries across to Stranraer as the Scottish Parliament elections next May draw nearer.

"Douglas and his team provide a stronger alternative to what the SNP has been offering for many years and a new approach is clearly needed as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic."

Mr Jack stated that his former Scotland Office ministerial team colleague had the ability and potential to help deliver a more vibrant Scotland as part of a well integrated UK.

He said: "Together, the Scottish and UK Governments can achieve far more by working more closely together and focusing on infrastructure and economic growth rather than constitutional matters like independence."