Work together call as MP reveals town centre study ideas

Dumfries residents are brimming with ideas to revitalise the town centre.

That was clear from the large response to a survey seeking public views on the regeneration of the High Street area.

The study, organised by Dumfries and Galloway MP Alister Jack, was designed to help create a future vision towards which all town centre stakeholders work together to achieve.

He this week handed over the survey findings and analysis to Gavin Stevenson, Chief Executive of Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Mr Jack said: "I felt it was important that the public have genuine influence on the future of their town centre and that was my main objective in launching the survey last summer.

"There were plentiful Ideas and views expressed, which need to be considered as part of the mix to shape a viable town centre for the future.

"It needs to be an attractive place for residents and visitors. Somewhere for people to socialise, shop, make their home and successfully do business."

A larger choice of independent specialist retailers, residential development in empty commercial properties, more cultural, eating and recreational venues, lower rents and business rates and more convenient parking were among ambitious suggestions in the study.

Other ideas included bringing back more traffic flow to the town centre while reducing the pedestrianised area and adding moreĀ convenient parking spaces, particularly for the disabled.

Mr Jack welcomed initiatives by the local authority, the new Dumfries Town Centre Action Group, The Stove Network with their Midsteeple Quarter project, Dumfries Makers' Market, Dumfries Retailers Association and other business and community groups.

Offering continued support, the local MP expressed the hope all interest groups would work closely together in a spirit of co-operation to produce a town centre worthy of being regional capital.